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Maray Ayres is a sparkling and talented woman, who, in show business language, successfully wears two hats. She is a frequent guest star on the big and small screens and still finds time to be a full time animal activist and obedience dog trainer.

Born in San Francisco and raised on a small farm in Santa Cruz County. Maray grew up learning to love animals. And being that she was an only child...the animals were her brothers and sisters. Her pet goat was named Nanny and her pet pig named Jumpy. Maray brags about loving the smell of skunk. During high school she was an active participant in various projects, including being head majorette in the school band, playing snare drums, winning beauty contests and singing and playing piano for numerous charities and civic organizations. It seemed that she was always in the limelight and learned to love the applause at an early age. This lead her to know she would become a performer.

After graduating she left for San Francisco where she studied theatre at San Francisco State University and worked as a model while studying dance, singing and acting. She even unsuccessfully worked in an office and was told she should be an actor...that office work just wasn’t for her. She learned that very fast and took the advice.

Venturing to Los Angeles to pursue her ambitions for a film career, she studied acting, opera techniques, appeared in various plays, modeled for trade shows and became a singing waitress at the Gaslight Club in the Beverly Hilton Hotel where she met her husband Rick Honstater, owner of Gemini Plastics in Los Angeles. They have been married for 20 years. (One of her passions is to play the drums to march music and her favorite, of course, is John Phillip Souza. She even played with the band at her wedding!)

Maray soon branched out into professional acting roles in film, TV and theatre. She possesses a definite flair for comedy which she uses to great effect when a situation or role requires.

As for her “second career” Maray is recognized and respected as one of the most expert and effective dog trainers in the Southland and has appeared on radio and television talk shows discussing her successful techniques. Among the more than 1000 dogs she has professionally trained to the ultimate satisfaction of their owners, are the pets of such people as Mrs. Bob Hope, Art Linkletter, Erik Estrada, Richard Dreyfuss, Rosemary Clooney, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Downey, Jr. and many others. Maray’s training video entitled “Maray’s KISS Method”tm Obedience Dog Training & Safety Drills was awarded “Best in Category” by Worldfest Film Festival in Houston,TX, and was awarded Gold Seal of Excellence by the Film Advisory Board”

Maray has received many other awards and certificates of appreciation for her work from the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Orange County Olympics, Disabled Veterans Club and the Pet Orphans Fund Charity Tennis Tournament. She is most proud of receiving the City of Los Angeles “Mayors Certificate of Appreciation” award from Mayor Bradley for her charitable contribution work.

She is deeply involved in her spiritual studies, and hobbies include oil painting, exercise, eating “healthy” foods, and cooking. She is one of the top women celebrity tennis players, having won over 40 trophies in both singles and doubles. Maray loves living in the Hollywood Hills and hiking with her rescue dogs, being with her special friends, her loving husband, and continuing her career and learning and growing in the process.

Her pet peeves are people without a sense of humor and unable to laugh at themselves and those people she meets along the way who lack loyalty and don’t take responsibility for their lives, and last but not least.......untrained dogs.

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